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PHOTOS: City Honours Neville-Lake Fatal Collision With Quiet Area At Brampton Park



PHOTOS: City Honours Neville-Lake Fatal Collision With Quiet Area At Brampton Park

The City of Brampton is dedicating park space to the Neville-Lake children and grandfather.

On September 27, 2015, Daniel (9), Milly (2) and Harry (5), as well as their grandfather (65), passed away when their minivan was hit by an SUV. Marco Muzzo, a 29-year-old man, imprisoned following the crash. He faced many charges including impaired driving causing death.

The mother, Jennifer Neville-Lake, learned about the fatal collision when she saw a picture of her van on TV while waiting for her parents and children to return home.

“It’s, like, the worst nightmare,” she said. “As a daughter, as a parent to have to go through. And to know it was caused by someone’s stupidity. It kills me.”

Photo courtesy of Facebook

In 2016, Denis Langlois created a petition on to name a Brampton park after the family.

“We, the undersigned are calling on the City of Brampton to name a park in the city in honour of the Neville-Lake family. The park can include a small memorial for the children and their grandfather. It can also include a bench with a small plaque where people can sit and reflect on these lives lost and remember,” wrote Langlois on the page.

The petition was signed by over 4,000 people.

“We should also name a park after the Neville-Lake family, so we never forget their names, their faces or their story. Remembering could save lives in the future,” wrote Langlois.

The City of Brampton has finally decided to create a space for quiet reflection at Weybridge Park in commemoration of the Neville-Lake family.

Located at Weybridge Trail and Williams Parkway, the space features flowerbeds, shrubs and a plaque. The area was completed early July.

Photos courtesy of the City of Brampton

Previously, the city stated that they will be creating a space for quiet reflection instead of a park renaming. This has raised many issues.

“I wish the city had discussed it with me first. I just found out that the City of Brampton decided to drop the idea of a park renaming after discussing it with me since the petition in 2016. The quiet space as far as I knew was in conjunction with the renaming of Weybridge Park, not an “it’s either this or that” scenario,” wrote Jennifer Neville-Lake on Instagram. “In May, it was still a go and I am actually waiting to hear back from the official I have been corresponding with as to when it is appropriate for me to do my part in the process. I wonder what changed? And when were they going to tell me?”

However, the city has now stated that they are looking at renaming Weybridge Park.

City staff are bringing forth a report in September 2019, which will seek direction from the council. However, more details will be available after the city council makes a decision.

The family has also received donations on their Go Fund Me page. The campaign raised more than $252,000.

“We are truly humbled by the outpouring of love and support from the worldwide community. Through your generosity, we were able to find a beautiful place for our family to rest for eternity. Ours is a story that can never be erased from your heart. But together we can imagine a circle of compassion that is complete, with no one standing outside of it,” wrote Jennifer Neville-Lake on the Go Fund Me page.

Photo courtesy of York Regional Police.

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