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PHOTOS: Check Out This Historical Property in Brampton



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PHOTOS: Check Out This Historical Property in Brampton

Brampton may be a big city that is rapidly increasing in population, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some ‘old school’ charms that are to be enjoyed.

Recently, the Historic Bovaird House had an Open House and Gift Show last weekend, which featured the gift shop and various gifts and crafts from local artists. I got a chance to peruse the grounds of this property.

This is the Pendergast Log House, built in 1845. It is currently owned by the Brampton Heritage Board.There is also other structures on the premises, such as this gazebo and farm implement.Bovaird House was built in the 1840s in the Georgian style. The hallmark of Georgian architecture is symmetry and proportion; these characteristics are evident on both the exterior and the interior of the house.In 1992 the ‘Friends of Historic Bovaird House’ volunteer group was formed. Starting with a completely empty farmhouse, the volunteers worked tirelessly raising funds to enable the loving restoration and furnishing of the house to the 1850-1900 time period.There are also several household items on display appropriate for that time period.And if you have time after, the gift shop has a number of items perfect for the holiday season, such as homemade candles and honey.As well as festive Christmas items, not to mention locally made treats such as this chocolate covered marshmellow.Historic Bovaird House is located at the intersection of Kennedy Road and Bovaird Drive East, beside a residential street called Simmons Boulevard.Historic Bovaird House

563 Bovaird Drive East

Brampton, Ontario

Phone: (905) 874-2804


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