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PHOTOS: A Look At Brampton’s Bigger And Newly Designed University



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PHOTOS: A Look At Brampton’s Bigger And Newly Designed University

Since 2010, Algoma University has been offering undergraduate business programs in downtown Brampton. Recently, the university has expanded its Brampton school. 

Algoma University is one of Ontario’s 21 publicly funded universities. It was initially established in 1965 as an affiliated college of Laurentian University. The university offers a wide range of degrees spanning the liberal arts, sciences, and professional disciplines.

Though Algoma University’s main campus is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Brampton residents are a key driver of the enrolment for the institution and the success of the establishment.

In July 2018, Algoma University stated that they will expand business and economic-related programming options available at Brampton due to the high demand.

Located at 24 Queen Street on the lower level, Algoma University School of Business and Economics has expanded to add an additional 6,000 square feet. The school now has an entryway off of the Garden Square entrance, office space for faculty, two new classrooms (one 60-person classroom and one 50-person classroom), student common lab spaces (collaborative workspaces), administrative office spaces and a reception area. The builders also verified existing washrooms to make sure they were adequate and meet code.

The university chose Inzola Construction, a Brampton- based multifaceted general contracting, design-build and project management company, to expand the building. The total construction budget was an estimated $900,000.

The university is planning to expand further in the fall, which includes adding one more classroom.

“We are excited to see Algoma University grow their program in the heart of Brampton. This is great news for post-secondary education in Brampton. This will bring new opportunities for Brampton residents to grow their skills and develop new career paths, which in turn supports new jobs and economic growth,” says Mayor Patrick Brown.

What do you think of Algoma University’s decision to expand its Brampton school?

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