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Pharmasave launches one-stop information portal for COVID-19



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Pharmasave launches one-stop information portal for COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be more challenging to see a doctor while the country fights to flatten the curve,

This is why Pharmasave has launched a one-stop COVID-19 information portal, where the public can find all the information they need about COVID-19.

From links to COVID-19 self-assessment tools and advice on when and how to get tested for the virus, this portal also includes tips on minimizing stress during these unprecedented times. 

According to Billy Cheung, Executive Director, Pharmacy, Marketing & Professional Affairs of Pharmasave Ontario, pharmacists continue to be the country’s most accessible healthcare providers.  

“Our pharmacies have seen an unprecedented surge in customer requests since the start of the pandemic, from increased demands for medications to daily calls and emails related to COVID-19,” Cheung said, adding that there has been a spike in online appointments and consultations.

The COVID-19 self-assessment tools, provided by provincial health agencies, enable anyone who has been exposed to the the virus, or experiencing COVID-19-related symptoms, to determine the next steps.

This includes when to call a doctor or 9-1-1, when to get tested for the virus and when to alert people with whom you’ve been in close physical contact about your symptoms.

“Many have responded by going above and beyond for their communities, from giving away high-demand products such as hand sanitizers, to donating goods or funds to local medical facilities,” said Cheung.

Pharmasave is Canada’s fastest-growing community pharmacy company, with over 700 stores nationally.

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