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Patrick Brown Attends Conference for Affordable Housing Crisis



Patrick Brown Attends Conference for Affordable Housing Crisis

Mayor Patrick Brown is looking to take on one of Brampton’s biggest issues.

Calling the lack of available affordable housing in the city a “problem” is an understatement. Brampton has a rental vacancy rate of 1.1% and a 7-year wait list for affordable housing.

Home ownership and renting are considered to be affordable if it does not cost more than 30% of a household’s pre-tax income.

To help address this issue, Mayor Patrick Brown is currently in Vancouver, British Columbia, for The Urban Project: Housing Affordability: A Focus on Rental Housing.

Many big-city mayors from across Canada will also be attending the conference.

The Urban Project is described as a “dynamic new initiative designed to break down the walls that currently exist between all orders of government, civil society, the private sector, and academia.”

The project has a series of events planned over three years, each covering a major issue, such as housing, the opioid crisis, transformative transit, and more.

Each event hopes to create new ideas, stress test policy and governance structures, showcase best practices from across the country and challenge participants to push the boundaries of what Canada’s big cities can achieve.

On the event page for the Vancouver conference, it is stated that “leaders at every level of government in every region of the country have identified housing as a critical challenge to Canadians’ quality of life and our local economies in 2019.”

The main focus of the conference will be on rental housing and how it can be affordable, high-quality and accessible to all sorts of households.

The goal is to generate ideas, focusing on the need to fund more construction and make rental housing more accessible for Canadians at every economic level.

The conference began on May 1 and will conclude later today (May 2).

You can learn more about The Urban Project at:

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