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Patrick Brown and City Council Members Launch #FairDealForBrampton Program



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Patrick Brown and City Council Members Launch #FairDealForBrampton Program

The City of Brampton is done playing nice with the provincial government when it comes to healthcare.

On Saturday (June 15) Mayor Patrick Brown and members of the City Council announced the launch of the #FairDealForBrampton campaign, aimed at getting more funding for Brampton’s healthcare.

“Today, we launched the FairDealForBrampton healthcare advocacy campaign! We’re gathering thousands of signatures on a petition to take to the Province, demanding immediate funding for healthcare in Brampton,” said Brown in a Twitter post.

According to the city, Brampton’s healthcare system faces major issues including overcrowding, hallway medicine, and a severe lack of funds.

Other statistics provided by the city include:

  • Brampton Civic ED is built for 90,000 visits per year but gets 130,000 visits per year.

  • Peel Memorial is funded for 10,000 visits a year but receives on average 75,000.

  • Only 17% of residents have access to an interdisciplinary primary care team.

  • 38% of the population aged 12+ has one or more chronic conditions.

  • Brampton has a 46% highest projected dementia rate in the province between 2015-2025.

The FairDealForBrampton campaign has numerous objectives including immediate funding, the completion of Phase 2 at Peel Memorial, and urgent action for a third healthcare facility in Brampton. 

The City is asking residents to sign the petition, share their experiences with healthcare in Brampton, as well as follow and contribute to the movement via social media with the hashtag #FairDealForBrampton.

You can sign the petition on the City’s official site.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Brown’s Twitter

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