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New Studio Opening at Beaux-Arts This Weekend



New Studio Opening at Beaux-Arts This Weekend

If you’re into the arts and culture scene in Brampton, you’ll want to check out this new studio opening at Beaux-Arts Brampton this weekend.

Sara Heathfield is a local artist who prints fine art onto wearable accessories, like phone cases, scarves, and umbrellas.

Now, she’s opening a studio at Beaux-Arts Brampton, Studio 2.

Heathfield’s grand opening celebration is at Beaux-Arts Brampton on Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 12-4p.m.

Heathfield’s latest Canada 150 inspired collection will be featured, alongside the opportunity for attendees to meet other artists at Beaux-Arts who are opening their studios to the public, and peruse the gift shop on the main floor, and a pop-up shop upstairs. 

Everyone is invited to check out some of the new studio artists’ work, where they’ve chosen to mix fine art and fashion.

Beaux-Arts Brampton is Brampton’s hub for artists of all ages and skill levels, with two galleries, and a classroom/workshop space on the ground floor of the Robson Block Building in downtown Brampton. On the second level are seven artists’ studios and a Hallway Gallery.

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