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More Crossing Guards on Brampton Roads Starting Today



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More Crossing Guards on Brampton Roads Starting Today

Some Brampton schools reopen today, and with that, you’ll notice more crossing guards on the roads!

Ray Lawson Public School near Mavis and the 407, Roberta Bondar Public School near Clementine and Steeles, and Tony Pontes Public School (housed at Countryside Village Public School for the 2017-2018 school year) near Dixie and Countryside run on a modified school year calendar, from July 31, 2017-June 29, 2018.

Be wary of crossing guards in the area of those intersections closer to the schools.

Crossing guards temporarily stop traffic to allow pedestrians to cross safely. 

Here’s what you should do when you see a crossing guard:

  • Stop as soon as the guard holds their stop sign upright, and remain stopped as they enter the roadway
  • Remain stopped until both the children and the guard, and any additional pedestrians, have safely crossed the roadway
  • Remember that a guard’s stop sign has the same legal value as a stop sign at an intersection, and you could be fined $150 and three demerit points for not stopping

Brampton has over 190 crossing guards for elementary school children across Peel and Dufferin-Peel from September to June.

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