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More Cannabis Products Coming To Brampton Soon



More Cannabis Products Coming To Brampton Soon

A Brampton-based cannabis producer has been approved to sell oil products, including high cannabidiol (“CBD”) and premium craft cultivars.

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. just announced that they have received approval from Health Canada allowing for the sale of cannabis oil products, including high cannabidiol (“CBD”) and premium craft cultivars, that will become available for medical and legal adult patients soon.

Pure Global Cannabis Inc’s Brampton facility allows for vertically farmed cultivation, R&D, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution.

This licensing will allow the company to significantly expand its product line with oils and post-derivative cannabis products, which means Brampton consumers now have the chance to buy such cannabis products close to home.

The company will also offer edibles and more post-derivative products when regulations come into effect this fall.

With Health Canada approval, the Brampton-based company can release its oil line through its PureSense Medical eCommerce site, as well as legal retail cannabis stores in Brampton and across Canada soon.

Pure Global has prepared oils formulations, as well as purification, processing, and packaging equipment in place for this next phase of operations. According to the company, it can purify, formulate, and process 10 liters of oil per day, 10,000 capsules per hour, 10,000 vape cartridges per hour, and 2,000 oils bottles per hour.

“We will be able to sell high-margin oils and post-derivative products across all of our premium brands and will be one of only and handful of Licensed Producers to be able to do so. Over 50% of medical patients are looking for post-derivative products as well as those in our target consumer markets, which we will now be much better able to serve,” says President and CEO of Pure Global Malay Panchal.

Pure Global is waiting for license approval to include in-house production of medicated topicals, creams, gels, balms, lotions, tinctures, sprays, vape pens, oils bottles, and gel capsules.

Photo courtesy of SHRM

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