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Mayor Patrick Brown briefs Gene Simmons from KISS on COVID-19



Mayor Patrick Brown briefs Gene Simmons from KISS on COVID-19

Although now is not the time to rock n’ roll all night and party every day, Gene Simmons from the legendary rock band, KISS, sat down with Mayor Patrick Brown to have a virtual discussion about COVID-19.

According to Brown, he and Simmons share a mutual friend who asked him to brief the former rockstar on the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada.

“I guess he’s not a fan of how they managed it in the U.S. and is impressed with how we’ve been dealing with it in Canada,” Brown told inbrampton. “I was happy to give him a run through.”

The day of the briefing, Brown’s Twitter page read, “My days are filled with Skype conference calls and Zoom video conferencing, but this latest one was a little bit different.”

“I was asked to join a briefing and have a conversation with Gene Simmons of KISS on COVID-19 in Canada. Appreciate his interest in Brampton, Ontario and Canada,” the tweet continued.

Simmons has been married to Canadian actress and model, Shannon Tweed since 2011. He has a big interest in Canada, according to Gary Collins, Director, Communications for Mayor Brown.

“You know, there are different things you get to do in public service and I never thought I’d be asked to brief Gene Simmons for an hour,” Brown told inbrampton

Photo courtesy of Mayor Patrick Brown’s Twitter page  

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