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Massive Filipino Supermarket Opens First Canadian Location in Peel



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Massive Filipino Supermarket Opens First Canadian Location in Peel

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of the highly-anticipated Seafood City supermarket, your patience is about to rewarded—the store is officially opening today.

Seafood City, the much-loved Filipino supermarket with over 20 locations in the U.S., was initially supposed to open this past spring, but plans were delayed after the brand decided to add more square footage to their space.

A lot more square footage, in fact! Paola Caldaroni, marketing coordinator with the Orlando Corporation, said the Heartland Town Centre store is 50,000 square feet rather than 35,000 that was initially planned. The additional square footage gives the bright, airy and open store more space to display its unique and impressive selection of fresh fish, quality produce and authentic Filipino snacks.

For those who are unaware, the brand specializes in Filipino food and products and Mississauga will be Seafood City’s first Canadian location. It’s located at 800 Boyer Blvd., just off of Mavis.

Seafood City got its start in San Diego in 1989 when it was established to provide a little taste of home to the city’s sizeable Filipino community. While the store attracted a great number of Filipino shoppers, it also introduced the country’s cuisine to American shoppers.

Another bonus? Like many Asian supermarkets, Seafood City also offers other Asian products and North American staples.

Shoppers who visit the brand new location can visit a slew of takeout and quick-service restaurants, including Grill City, Crispy Town, Noodle Shop, Valerio’s Bake Shop and, last but not least, Jollibee (expected to open in early 2018).

Ideally, Heartland’s Seafood City will give Mississauga and Brampton’s many Filipino residents a taste of home. The store should also appeal to a range of shoppers from all backgrounds interested in trying something a little more unique.

One of the most exciting aspects of the store is, of course, Jollibee, the largest fast food chain in the Philippines. The brand, which offers burgers, chicken, noodles, rice meals, sandwiches and breakfast, will be located inside the soon-to-open Seafood City location.

The creative and growing brand offers a range of Asian and North American staples, boasting traditional fast-food hamburgers, spaghetti (which is definitely an unusual find at quick-service chains), fried chicken, garlic pepper beef, spring rolls, corned beef breakfast dishes and more.

If you have a hankering for Filipino cuisine, you can get it now.

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