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Massive Development Project Proposed At Old Farming Area In Brampton



Massive Development Project Proposed At Old Farming Area In Brampton

Brampton City Council is proposing to build a new retail space in an agricultural area – close to a heritage site.

Many Bramptonians know that as Brampton is becoming more developed, it is also losing a lot of its old agricultural areas.

And, it may soon lose another one.

Brampton City Council is looking at building a retail space at the south-west corner of Mayfield Road and Goreway Drive or, municipally known as, 6461 Mayfield Road.

The commercial development will consist of four new commercial buildings alongside the existing heritage building.  

6461 Mayfield Road is home to a one-and-a-half storey stone farmhouse and an ancillary structure. The house is surrounded by vacant fields and many mature trees. A portion of Salt Creek also runs through the property. The farmhouse, associated with the Thompson family since 1844, is the earliest example of a vernacular stone farmhouse built in the Toronto Gore Township.

Arcadeium Holding Ltd., a Mississauga-based company, will be constructing the new commercial development once the plan is approved.

The city is proposing to amend the zoning by-law to allow for a grocery store, supermarket, private school, day nursery, and a commercial, technical or recreational school. There will also be over 166 parking spaces. 

The city is currently accepting appeals from the public until August 12.

The plan is exempt from the approval of the region so the decision will be approved by the council if a notice of appeal is not received.

What do you think of this new development project?

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