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Major Changes in Store for Brampton Soccer Centre



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Major Changes in Store for Brampton Soccer Centre

Change can be exciting, especially when it comes to new developments in Brampton. And when it comes to a community hub — even better!

Now, big changes are in the works for Brampton’s massive soccer centre located at Sandalwood and Dixie. 

It’s true, Brampton Soccer Centre is getting a sports dome, artificial turf fields, and a pavilion. After the renovations, Brampton Soccer Centre will also get a name change — it will officially be known as “Brampton SportsCentre” to better reflect its offerings, according to the City. 

The community centre opened back in 2007, so it’s been around for just over a decade now, and it’s gearing up for construction next year. 

That renovations will be pretty expansive:

  • Two outdoor fields are being converted to artificial turf to extend their useful season and reduce rain closures. (One of these fields will be covered by the dome during the winter months.)
  • A pavilion will be added by the dome to provide washroom and change room facilities for the outdoor fields. 
  • One indoor field, which is often used as a temporary gymnasium, will be converted to a semi-permanent gymnasium.

“Responding to demand, the dome at the Brampton Soccer Centre is part of a strategy to enhance and expand the uses of this venue,” the City told

“A new, semi-permanent gymnasium floor is also being installed in one of the indoor fieldhouses, and another indoor fieldhouse will be able to change between floor and turf. These two fieldhouses having the ability to house floor events expands potential uses of the centre, while the doming of the outdoor field creates a new venue for sports groups and events to use all year round.”

New LED lighting is also coming to the facility for “extended hours of play.”

With all of these physical expansions, you might be wondering whether any sports programming will change. 

The answer is yes! More opportunities for sports and events will be added alongside the expansion.

The project is indeed part of the 2018 budget, being funded through an approved 2018 capital project. 

While construction will be led by the City, a Request for Proposal will be released this month for consulting services on the project. The City has not yet chosen a contractor for the big renovation.

According to the City, construction of the dome is set to begin in Spring 2019, with anticipated opening not so long after, in November 2019.

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