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Major Brampton Transit Terminal Customer Service Set to Reopen Soon



Major Brampton Transit Terminal Customer Service Set to Reopen Soon

It looks like commuters at the downtown Brampton transit terminal will have an indoor waiting area just in time for winter!

The downtown Brampton transit terminal’s customer service and waiting area has been closed since May 2017 for renovations. Now, just as the snow has started to fall and temperatures have remained in the negatives, the indoor space will reopen. 

The customer service and waiting area will indeed open its doors to the public once again on Thursday, December 14, 2017. 

Though the area was only set to undergo renovations from June 1-August 31 of this year, the project seems to have taken longer than expected. 

What snazzy new upgrades can you expect inside? 

Well, as of this Thursday you’ll find three customer service windows, a new accessible public washroom, and updated lighting, flooring, and paint.

The hours for customer service at the downtown terminal are as follows: 

  • Monday-Friday: 6 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed

Not to worry, the building is open to commuters longer than the customer service hours, so you’ll be able to keep safe and warm. The building hours are as follows:

  • Monday-Friday: 4 a.m.-12 a.m.
  • Saturday: 5 a.m.-12 a.m.
  • Sunday: 7 a.m.-12 a.m.

Several Brampton Transit routes pass through the downtown terminal — the Zum 501/501A and 502, 1/1A, 52/52A, 2, 24, 25, and 56. A few GO bus routes also pass through. 

The building and customers service at downtown terminal help a lot of commuters get where they need to go, so it’s good to hear that it will be open for anyone taking the bus this winter.

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