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Lyft adds Brampton Transit information to its app for Brampton riders



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Lyft adds Brampton Transit information to its app for Brampton riders

If you use Lyft and take transit in Brampton, you might be happy to hear that the company has added Brampton Transit information to its app.

The popular rideshare company recently announced that starting now, local Lyft riders can now see transit options in the app from MiWay, Brampton Transit, the Hamilton Street Railway and OC Transpo (Ottawa).

This comes after GO Transit, TTC, UP Express and York Region Transit were added to the app in September 2020.

According to Lyft, the new transit feature allows riders to see time, route and price information for local transit agencies. It also includes details about nearby routes, upcoming departures, trip options including transit, and (for nearby destinations) walking directions.

“Transit services are an essential part of urban transportation and we’re proud to help riders find their way on public transit,” said Hannah Parish, Lyft’s Ontario General Manager, in a statement.

“Especially now, it’s crucial for local Lyft riders, particularly those who don’t own a personal vehicle, to be able to compare all of their transportation options, whether that includes cycling, walking, public transit or rideshare.”

The move to include more GTA-specific information comes just a few months after the company announced the opening of a new permanent driver hub in Mississauga.

“Brampton Transit is a leader in accessible transit. Having our local transit information available to Lyft users through our open data portal will make it easier for residents and visitors to get around Brampton and connect to other cities using public transit,”
said Alex Milojevic, General Manager, Brampton Transit, in a statement.

“It is a challenging time, and we remind riders to wear a mask and practice good hygiene when they board our buses.”

Outside of Toronto, Lyft now operates in all of Hamilton, Halton, Peel, York and most of Durham region.

According to the company, Lyft riders will be able to choose the transportation option that best fits their trip and budget, all within the app.

“It’s another step toward providing effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation to our communities, and towards creating a more seamless and connected transportation network,” the company said in a recent blog post.

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