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LATEST: Ontario up to 3,630 confirmed cases, with 172 in Brampton



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LATEST: Ontario up to 3,630 confirmed cases, with 172 in Brampton

As of Saturday morning, April 4, the province has updated its COVID-19 numbers to reflect the 3,630 confirmed cases that have been reported thus far (up 375 since its previous report).

At this time, 506 people have been hospitalized, 196 are in ICU, another 152 are in ICU on a ventilator, and there have been 94 confirmed deaths.

A large number of people are continuing to be tested for the virus, with a total of 71,338 tests so far. The province says 1,336 cases are currently under investigation.

1,219 cases are considered resolved.

According to Peel Public Health, there are currently 448 cases in Peel Region — 248 in Mississauga, 172 in Brampton, and 26 in Caledon, with 2 cases pending further information.

Four total deaths in Peel have been reported. It was recently reported that two men in their 70’s, one from Brampton and one from Mississauga, were under the care of healthcare professionals at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga and have both died from COVID-19.

Speculative models released by the government suggest that COVID-19 could kill between 3,000 and 15,000 people in Ontario.

Residents are urged to continue practicing social distancing and staying at home as often as possible.

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