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Justin Trudeau and Linda Jeffrey Talk About the Future of Brampton



Justin Trudeau and Linda Jeffrey Talk About the Future of Brampton

Love him or love him not, today was an exciting day for Brampton’s elected officials because the mayor and other leaders got to meet with the Prime Minister of Canada himself.

On Monday, Feb. 27, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent part of the morning in Brampton meeting with Mayor Linda Jeffrey at City Hall to discuss some of the city’s most pressing and important issues.

According to the mayor’s office, the leaders discussed the Etobicoke Creek Revitalization Project (Riverwalk), the new university headed to the city and transit infrastructure. For those that are unaware, Riverwalk is a major flood mitigation infrastructure project that will “open up Brampton’s downtown to significant economic development and intensification.”

The other two issues discussed–transit and the university–have been top of mind for so many residents, especially since the city learned that the federal government is investing in the city’s transit infrastructure.

As for the university, Jeffrey said that she and the Prime Minister, “discussed how the federal government could possibly play a role in post-secondary education in Brampton.”

“I highlighted the importance of transit investments in Brampton in order to encourage increased economic development and urban intensification,” Jeffrey said in a post-meeting statement. “We specifically touched upon all day two way GO Rail service on the Waterloo line, and Brampton’s position in the heart of the super innovation corridor”

Jeffrey also emphasized how important functional and thriving cities are to a country.

“I also highlighted that cities are engines that drive our country forward, creating local jobs and local growth. Canada’s cities are also hubs for innovation, where solutions are found, tested and shared to meet national challenges playing out in communities across the country.”

Other officials in attendance included Brampton MPs Raj Grewal, Ramesh Sangha, Ruby Sahota, Sonia Sidhu and Kamal Khera.

Today marked the first time a sitting Prime Minister visited Brampton City Hall.

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