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Joyce Archdekin Park Cherry Blossoms Could Bloom This Weekend in Brampton



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Joyce Archdekin Park Cherry Blossoms Could Bloom This Weekend in Brampton

Nature lovers in Brampton might be in for a treat a little earlier than expected.

Although the cherry blossoms in Joyce Archdekin Park tend to bloom in late April and early May, the Sakura in High Park cherry blossom blog recently announced that the gorgeous blossoms could start blooming as early as today.

The blog focuses on the iconic Toronto High Park blossoms, however, cherry blossoms should bloom in unison across the GTA.

Sakura Watch wrote that the bloom could begin this weekend, as they’ve noticed bud florets emerging from the sakura buds.

While this could be a symptom of climate change, the blog notes that the sight is a great one for eager cherry blossom fans.

According to the blog, full blooms typically require 16-21 days. During this time, it’s important for the weather to stay as spring-like as possible (a good mix of sun and rain). Last year, blossoms suffered from poor weather conditions—something that doesn’t seem to be happening this time around.

So, if you want to head down to Joyce Archdekin Park to check out the blossoms this weekend, you might be pleasantly surprised to see some unexpectedly fulsome flowers.

Since the forecast is calling for decent spring temperatures this weekend (12 and 14 degrees on Saturday and Sunday), you might want to take some stunning selfies under the blossoms.

Happy Nature watching, everyone!

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