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Jagmeet Singh says Ford has done ‘horrible job’ handling health care crisis in Brampton


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Jagmeet Singh says Ford has done ‘horrible job’ handling health care crisis in Brampton

To say that Brampton residents have been enduring a tough and unfortunately, unfair situation when it comes to medical facilities would be an understatement.

From incidents relating to “hallway health care” and Brampton’s healthcare system still in need of additional funding, the City’s status when it comes to health care, has left residents feeling like they are being overlooked.

In August, Mayor Patrick Brown told Khaled Iwamura from an exclusive interview that the City of Brampton has “designated land” for a potential third hospital.

Back in November 2019, Andrea Horwath, NDP leader of Ontario’s Official Opposition, revealed that Brampton’s Peel Memorial Urgent Care Centre is operating at a 587% volume compared to what it is funded for.

This statement means that for every patient the centre is funded to care for, almost five other patients are looking for care. In other words, it means that the centre is operating at 585% above what it is funded for.

In a recent exclusive interview, Federal NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh chatted with Khaled Iwamura from about how COVID-19 has been handled in the Region of Peel.

When asked about his opinion, Singh told Iwamura that the Region of Peel has been given “the short end of the stick.”

“Brampton specifically, has been ignored by the liberal and conservative governments for the past two decades,” said Singh, pointing out that the city of 600,000 people only has one hospital.

“I think what Premier Ford has done is he has said some things, but he hasn’t actually delivered any help to people; he hasn’t actually put in place supports for more funding and better healthcare.”

Singh went on to emphasize that while Ford has listened to public health experts and followed their recommendations, this is the bare minimum that Canadians expect and it is not enough.

“We’ve got a health care crisis and he’s been cutting health care,” said Singh, “I think he has done a horrible job.”

“I think we’ve got to make sure we continue to do the basics; physical distancing, washing hands. We’re right in the midst of a second wave, so we’ve got to fight this hard.”

Photo credits: The Canadian Press

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