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Indian Snow Woman Making Waves in Brampton



Indian Snow Woman Making Waves in Brampton

When one talks about the crossover between cultures, it sometimes get sensitive, espeically these days when there’s talk about cultural appropriation. 

But sometimes traditions in Canada meld together with traditions from another land and just work, or in this case mildly break the Internet.

A Brampton resident decided to take a bit of a twist on the standard snowman and make theirs into a Indian version of ‘Frosty the Snowman’ by adorning it with traditional garb, complete with eyelashes and jewellery.

“Desi the Snowgirl”, who has been dubbed Saddi Juliet by the creator, has been a viral hit on the Internet, garnering 84,000 likes on this tweet, with more admirers on Instagram, Facebook and Reddit in the past three days.

If you needed something to signify winter in Brampton, this pretty much covers it.

For more on Saddi check out her creator’s Instagram here.

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