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Huge Change Coming to Tim Hortons in Brampton



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Huge Change Coming to Tim Hortons in Brampton

Crawl out of your igloo and harness your moose – a big change is coming to Canada’s biggest coffee chain.

Tim Hortons is known for a lot of things, from Timbits, to coffee, and more.

Now, it will officially join the ranks of fast food restaurants that serve all-day breakfast come Wednesday!

That’s right, Timmies is set to serve bagel BELTs, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast wraps, oatmeal, and hash browns at all times of day.

The huge change takes effect on Wednesday July 25, 2018.

So as of Wednesday, you can head to any Tim Hortons and have breakfast for lunch. Or dinner. Or even a midnight snack.

Typically, Tim Hortons’s breakfast selection ends at noon, and if you’ve ever gotten to your local Timmies five minutes too late for breakfast, you know the struggle.

The coffee giant piloted all-day breakfast at locations across the GTA, including in Hamilton and Burlington, to great success, according to the Financial Post.

That being said, the all-day breakfast announcement might bring Tim Hortons up to par with some of its fast food competitors.

In particular, McDonalds and A&W already serve breakfast throughout the day. McDonalds has also started selling bagels.

You might be wondering – how has Tim Hortons not already hopped on the all-day breakfast train?

Well, according to The Canadian Press, the cafe did a market test on all-day breakfast in 2013, but it wasn’t successful enough to roll out.

A few more changes are coming to Timmies, too.

First, Tim Hortons is going through a renovation plan worth a whopping $700 million. According to The Canadian Press, the big renovation will also cost franchisees $450,000 per restaurant.

According to the Financial Post, the coffee giant also plans to renovate at least half of its 4,000 Canadian locations by 2021.

And, the chain is hoping to launch children’s menus, loyalty programs, self-order kiosks and home delivery.

For now, you’ll find me in line for an egg and cheese on an english muffin at 4 p.m. on Wednesday!

What do you think of Tim Hortons serving all-day breakfast?

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