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Here’s Where New Affordable Housing is Going in Brampton



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Here’s Where New Affordable Housing is Going in Brampton

With a population as large and dense as Brampton’s, it’s no surprise that some residents struggle to afford housing. Now, Habitat for Humanity is breaking ground on a brand new site for affordable homes in our city.

On Thursday May 3, 2018, Habitat for Humanity GTA is kicking off a 13-home build project at 59 McLaughlin Road North.

Thirteen families in need will call the new houses their homes.

Almost 500 female volunteers will be working on this project as part of Women Build, a global fundraising event where the build consists of women only.

“Women Build is part of a global movement that brings women together in a shared mission to help families in need of a decent place to call home,” reads the Women Build website.

“By bringing women together to swing hammers and fundraise, Women Build promotes empowerment, solidarity, learning, and pride in our city. Since 2009, Habitat for Humanity GTA Women Build events have rallied over 5,000 women to raise more than $4.5 million, and help build 85 homes. This year’s goal is to rally 500 women and fundraise $275,000.”

Here in Brampton, the McLaughlin site will house one three-story building and three two-story buildings for a total of 13 townhomes set for ownership.

According to Habitat for Humanity, the team behind the project will use high-quality building materials and also plant new trees and native plants to “ensure the property complements the neighbouring area,” according to the build website.

“We will be minimizing the noise and light from vehicle movement with an interior private driveway and providing 20 parking spaces for residents and visitors.”

Habitat for Humanity started foundation forming and excavating basements for the homes in late March and early April.

So, if you see a group of women building homes from May 3-5 or May 9-12 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. on McLaughlin Road, you’ll now know why! 

According to the build website, the expected completion date for these homes is in August 2019.

All photos and graphics courtesy of Habitat for Humanity 

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