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Here’s What Impacts Bill 108 Could Have on Brampton Residents



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Here’s What Impacts Bill 108 Could Have on Brampton Residents

For most residents of Brampton, it’s hard to keep track of every bill that may be passed. However, one upcoming bill that could pass soon would have many impacts on municipalities.

The Ontario government introduced Bill 108, More Homes More Choice Act, 2019 on May 2 as part of its plan to increase housing supply and affordability. The Bill proposes changes to 13 different pieces of legislation that will have a serious impact on municipalities.

The Bill could have several impacts on Brampton residents including:

  • Cutting the financial tools available to the City to fund parks, libraries, recreation centres and other community infrastructure.
  • Reducing the amount of parkland in Brampton.
  • Decreasing the protection of Brampton’s heritage properties.
  • Limiting the City’s decision-making process when it comes to how it plans and develops.

These factors can all lead to a tax increase for Brampton residents.

As for the City’s own opinion on the Bill, it supports the goal of housing affordability, but it’s unlikely that Bill 108 will result in an increased housing supply or more affordable housing. Given the scope of the proposed changes, the 30-day commenting period is inadequate.

Brampton City Council has already formally requested an extension to the consultation period, and that the Province conduct meaningful consultation with municipalities and other stakeholders before the Bill is passed.

Mayor Patrick Brown has also sent a letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark asking for an extension.

Today (June 1) is the last day that the province is accepting the public’s opinions on the Bill. You can submit your comments online through the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO).

The ERO has set up separate comment forms for the different pieces of legislation that are proposed to be changed:

You can also send your comments directly to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing or to your MPP.

Bill 108 may be passed as early as Tuesday, June 4.

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