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Four Pedestrians Struck in One Morning in Brampton and Mississauga



Four Pedestrians Struck in One Morning in Brampton and Mississauga

Emergency crews are pleading with people to be careful after four pedestrians were struck in one morning in Brampton and Mississauga.

Three of the four were struck in Brampton. 

Peel police told that one pedestrian was struck at Bovaird and Vankirk and sustained minor injuries. Another person was hit at Coventry and Airport Road and also sustained minor injuries. A third victim was struck in the Pantomime and Clementine area and sustained a more moderate but non-life threatening injury.

A fourth person was struck in the Confederation Parkway and Paisley Blvd. area in Mississauga and sustained minor injuries as a result. 

Peel police Const. Bally Saini said it’s important for both drivers and pedestrians to be mindful and careful–especially in inclement weather.

“Pedestrians should make eye contact with drivers, even if they have right of way. [If you’re walking], make sure you cross at an intersection and don’t use short cuts.”

Const. Saini also said that pedestrians and drivers should be careful to obey all signs and traffic signals. 

“Drivers should check their blindspots and pedestrians should avoid paying attention to handheld devices while walking.”

Police are also asking pedestrians to be mindful of their clothing, as dark outfits–especially dark jackets with the hoods pulled up–make people harder to see. 

“We know that everyone owns a black coat, but if you have your hood up because it’s raining, you are restricting your visibility and compromising your own vision.”

Police also recommend taking off earbuds and headphones if possible. 

Stay safe, everyone! 

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