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Flooding Currently Possible For Parts Of Brampton



Flooding Currently Possible For Parts Of Brampton

Credit Valley Conservation is issuing a potential flood watch, as Environment Canada predicts forecasts may affect water levels headed into next week.

With the approaching spring season, warmer weather brings rain, melting snow and shifting ice which can contribute to higher, faster flowing water in watercourses, as well as slippery, unstable streambanks.

Ten to 15 millimetres of precipitaton is expected to start Saturday, which will then transition into freezing rain and then back into rain by mid Sunday, as below zero temperatures climb above zero to start off the week by Monday.

Melting snow due to warmer temperatures combined with spring rainfall and frozen ground conditions may potentially lead to higher water levels and increased water speeds in local watercourses.

This may cause potential ice jams, and, in turn, flooding, as some water levels in locations throughout the Credit River Watershed may increase due to surface ice breaking up.

Adding to that is the forecasted precipitation and warmer temperatures over the weekend which could melt the remaining snow pack, and ice jam remobilization due to increased water levels and flows throughout the Credit River watershed, in areas such as Meadowvale, Norval and Churchville.

Several ice jams still remain grounded along the Credit River at Barber (Paper) Mill Dam in Halton Hills, the Ferndale Park in Caledon and at Meadowvale Park in Mississauga.

The freezing rain may also create slippery conditions, in addition to local streams and rivers reaching dangerous levels, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges and dams.  

People should be warned to stay away from all watercourses, especially children and pets.

CVC continues to work with municipal emergency services to keep them regularly updated and will continue to monitor the watercourse and the weather, with this Flood Watch to be updated by March 12.

To view current watershed conditions, visit the CVC’s real-time monitoring website.

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