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Flood Outlook in Effect for Parts of Brampton



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Flood Outlook in Effect for Parts of Brampton

This week’s rapidly shifting weather has prompted Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) to issue a flood outlook for parts of Brampton and Mississauga.

CVC says the warm temperatures we experienced over the last three days have caused widespread melting of the snowpack throughout the Credit River watershed.

The warm weather, rain and snowmelt have resulted in high runoff/flows and water levels along the Credit River and tributaries. CVC also says ice jams (which occur when floating ice accumulates in a river and impedes its progress downstream, sometimes leading to upstream flooding) were observed today in the following locations along the Credit River:

  • Glen Williams at Main St
  • Eldorado Park in Brampton
  • Meadowvale Park in Mississauga
  • Hwy 401 east of Creditview Rd in Mississauga

While cold air is expected to move in and produce -6 temperatures in Mississauga, up to 5 mm of freezing rain may fall tomorrow. Also, 5-10 mm of freezing rain is forecasted for Thursday, Feb. 7.

CVC says river ice is collecting behind the Paper Mill Dam in Glen Williams. Should the ice flow over the dam, the potential for ice jam could increase downstream.

CVC says flooding along the Credit River and its major tributaries may occur in low-lying areas if ice jams continue to develop.

“As a result, local streams, rivers, and shorelines remain dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges and dams. People should be warned to stay away from all watercourses, especially children and pets,” CVC says.

The watershed conditions statement for flood outlook will be in effect through Friday, February 8, or until further notice.

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