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Feds, Province, and City all investing in transit projects that will benefit Brampton



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Feds, Province, and City all investing in transit projects that will benefit Brampton

Several politicians, including Mayor Patrick Brown, have announced funding for four projects that will improve Brampton’s transit system.

These projects include purchasing 32 conventional buses to maintain service levels and replace the retiring fleet. Over the next four years, 300 hybrid and conventional buses will be refurbished, which will make them more reliable for riders and extending their use.

Additionally, the entire fleet of buses will have their on-board cameras and digital video recorders replaced with newer technologies intended to increase rider and driver safety.

Further, a new transit hub will increase the number of bus bays in the existing terminal, doubling the number of trips the hub can accommodate—the hub will also facilitate a possible future switch to electric buses, and will include an inside waiting area and concessions.

“As one of the fastest-growing transit systems in Canada, we must prioritize energy-efficient solutions for public transportation while supporting the thousands of riders that move across Brampton each day,” Brown said in a news release.

“Through increased partnership and investment in public infrastructure, we are creating real change and building a healthier and more sustainable future for our city and our residents,” he continued.

The federal government has pledged over $45.3 million in these projects through the Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS) of the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan, while the Province has committed more than $37.8 million, and the City of Brampton is contributing over $30.2 million.

“Public transit allows Canadians to get around in cheaper, cleaner and faster ways. The investment in new buses and a transit hub in Brampton will improve the quality of lives for residents, get cars off the road and help electrify their transit systems,” Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, said in the same release.

“Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country and builds stronger communities,” she continued.

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