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Everything you need to know about paying property taxes in Brampton



Everything you need to know about paying property taxes in Brampton

For many residents and new homeowners, paying property taxes can seem like a confusing and stressful task.

Fortunately, the City of Brampton offers many convenient ways in which residents can pay their property taxes. 

Since Brampton is becoming more environmentally conscious and is taking steps towards being a greener city, they have eliminated the return envelope, but taxpayers are offered various other options in which they can make their tax payments.

The first option is by using a Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan (PTP), where the city withdraws tax payments automatically from chequing accounts. 

From a pre-authorized payment notice, residents will know the exact dates that the payments will be deducted each month.

They will also be recorded automatically on their chequing account statements. 

Another option is to use Pre-Authorized Payments for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential Properties.

For this option, Brampton offers pre-authorized payments for non-residential properties.

The tax rate for non-residential properties is not always set at the same time as residential properties, so final instalments may not be divided over six equal payments. 

Postdated cheques may also be used to pay property taxes.

Brampton will accept postdated cheques corresponding to the tax due dates on the stubs and hold for deposit as they come due. Postdated cheques may be dropped off in person or sent by mail.

It is important to note that cheques must be made payable to “Brampton Taxes”. 

Payments may also be made at most banks, trust companies and financial institutions.

If you prefer to pay in person, you may visit Brampton City Hall, located at 2 Wellington Street West, where cash, debit and cheque payments are accepted. 

After hours, payments may be placed in a sealed envelope in the night drop box, located at City Hall lobby adjacent to the parking garage elevator.

For those who wish to use the internet or phone to make payments, they may do so as well.

Credit card payments are not accepted directly by the City of Brampton, but they can be paid online by credit card using an online bill payment service provider. 

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