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Doug Ford is Making Changes for Charities



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Doug Ford is Making Changes for Charities

Some good news has come your way if you like raffles where the proceeds go to charitable causes.

The Ontario government has announced that it is providing more options to fundraise through online raffles.

Administered by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, these changes will allow people to support charities through a wider variety of online and in-person electronic raffles, including 50/50 draws and Catch the Ace.

People of legal age will also be able to purchase raffle tickets during a game or event, even if they are not there in person. Additionally, AGCO licensed charities will be able to pick winners and award prizes electronically through online platforms.

Electronic raffles were first launched in 2017 and increased fundraising for charities while streamlining the administration of raffles. Phase two came into effect in December 2018 and provides charities with greater flexibility for running raffles.

As of now, 2,000 electronic raffles have been held across Ontario through phase one of the initiative.

“We are pleased to be able to provide Ontario’s charities and religious organizations greater flexibility and modernized options for conducting raffles. These organizations play a significant role supporting important causes and local communities,” said Jean Major, the CEO of the AGCO.

Raffles can be fun and all, but sometimes making them done electronically and online is more efficient, don’t you agree?

To learn more about online raffles and how to set one up, click here.

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