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Dog Missing for 556 Days Reunited with Brampton Owner



Dog Missing for 556 Days Reunited with Brampton Owner

Nearly two years ago on September 26, 2015, Miriam Coronel’s male Shih Tzu Timmy slipped out of her house, not to be seen for 556 days.

According to CityNews, Coronel and Timmy were reunited this past weekend. Timmy was dropped off anonymously at the Caledon Animal Shelter earlier this month with no I.D. markings.

Coronel’s son posted flyers throughout the city, and her neighbour Patricia Conte posted photos on social media. While Coronel didn’t think her family would get Timmy back, her son had hope.

“After losing him, it felt like something was missing for a long time,” he said in an interview with CityNews.

After digging through a year and a half of posts, staff at the animal shelter were able to identify Timmy thanks to Conte’s posting on

Miriam and her kids’ reunion with Timmy was joyful.

“He jumped on me right away, as soon as he saw me,” Coronel commented to CityNews.

Losing a pet doesn’t have to mean losing all hope, too.

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