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COVID isolation centres are expected to open at two Brampton locations within weeks



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COVID isolation centres are expected to open at two Brampton locations within weeks

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown speaks at a press conference today

Isolation centres for those battling COVID-19 are expected to open at two Brampton locations in the next two weeks.

Mayor Patrick Brown said today (January 6) that centres will be located in Bramalea and in north-east Brampton, areas that have been hardest hit by the virus. A third location is also expected.

Brampton-based isolation centres have been at the top of the list of local officials since the second wave of the pandemic hit. The centres are located in facilities such as hotels or other large spaces and are meant to be used by those who have COVID-19 and need a place to isolate safely away from family members or roommates. The need is seen as an issue in Brampton where many residents live in multigenerational homes. Currently, Peel Region has one such centre but it is based in Mississauga which Brown believes is too far away from most Brampton residents to attend.

The new isolation centres in Brampton will open as a result of funding provided by the provincial government which was announced at the end of December.

“This is something we have asked for repeatedly,” said Brown. “And we are thankful that it is happening.”

The mayor stressed the isolation centres are a voluntary option for members of the public to use, and not a place where people will be forced to go to if they are exhibiting symptoms or receive a positive test.

“In Brampton we have crowded living conditions,” he said. “If you live with two or three people it might not be hard to isolate in a different part of the house, but if you live with 10 people it is impossible. So having this option to safely isolate is critical.”

Because the isolation centres are free to enter, Brown said they are also a viable alternative for those who can’t afford to check into a hotel for 14 days to isolate.

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