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COVID-19 testing and care options increasing in Brampton



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COVID-19 testing and care options increasing in Brampton

At a September 9 conference, Mayor Patrick Brown discussed additional measures to help cope with the COVID-19 crisis in Brampton.

At the conference, Dr. Naveed Mohammad, President and Chief Executive Officer, William Osler Health System made an announcement about COVID-19 testing in the Region of Peel.

According to Dr. Mohammad, as of the morning of September 9, William Osler has administered over 157,000 COVID-19 tests.

William Osler has been working with their partners, the Ministry of Health Ontario Health, Peel Public Health, the City of Brampton and community health partners in the fight against COVID-19 to ensure that people have access to testing, assessment and care.

“Over the past number of days, we have seen a slight increase in the number of patients in our hospitals with COVID-19,” said Dr. Mohammad, adding that as of today (September 9), there are seven COVID-19 patients at Brampton Civic Hospital and one of those patients is in the intensive care unit.

“As the school year begins for most children and families and with fall approaching, we must be more prepared than ever for the annual flu season as well as a potential second wave of COVID-19,” said Dr. Mohammad.

“This year will be particularly challenging because COVID-19 and cold and flu symptoms are very similar. Testing is the only way to diagnose which one a person has.”

Additionally, Dr. Mohammad announced that after weeks of planning, William Osler Health System is taking the next step in supporting the health and safety of the community by increasing COVID-19 testing and care options in Brampton.”

On September 15, a COVID-19 cold and flu clinic will open at Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness, which is dedicated exclusively to providing care for people with moderate flu-like symptoms as well as to differentiate them from COVID-19 cases.

According to Dr. Mohammad, patients over the age of six months will receive a medical assessment and COVID-19 testing at the clinic by a physician, a nurse, or a nurse practitioner based on their symptoms.

The clinic will operate from 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m seven days a week. 

As of October 1, the clinic’s hours will expand to serve patients from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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