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City of Brampton recommends transit passengers wear non-medical masks



City of Brampton recommends transit passengers wear non-medical masks

The Ontario government and the Region of Peel are now recommending that those who are travelling on public transit wear a non-medical mask where physical distancing may be a challenge. 

The City of Brampton places the utmost importance on the health and safety of residents and staff and are strongly recommending the use of non-medical masks on Brampton Transit buses as well as at bus stops and terminals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Those travelling on public transit are reminded to maintain physical distancing by staying six feet (2 metres) away from others while at terminals, at bus stops and while boarding buses.   

“The health and safety of our community remains of utmost importance to us at the City. I urge all Brampton Transit riders to follow the recommendation from the Ontario government and Region of Peel and wear a non-medical mask on buses and at bus stops and terminals,” said Mayor Patrick Brown.

“Together, we can continue to combat the spread of COVID-19.”

An enhanced cleaning and sanitizing schedule remains in effect and it is Brampton Transit’s goal to disinfect all hard surfaces, operator compartments and seats every 48 hours, while most buses are currently sanitized every 24 hours.

Facilities and terminals that have hard surfaces are wiped down and sanitized on a daily basis.

Riders are encouraged to carry their own personal disinfectant when travelling, including hand sanitizer or wipes, and to wash their hands often.

The City of Brampton is working closely with its partners at Peel Public Health and the Brampton Emergency Management Office to continue monitoring risks.

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