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Canada Post urging Brampton customers to reset their passwords



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Canada Post urging Brampton customers to reset their passwords

Canada Post is requesting customers reset their passwords for precautionary measures.

While there hasn’t been a security breach to the company’s network, they are investigating reports that some customers’ information may have been compromised as far back as 2017.

According to Canada Post, some customers’ login credentials were stolen during a security breach unrelated to the Canadian mail company, which was then used to access individual Canada Post accounts.

This is one of the reasons experts suggest using different passwords for different accounts, as people who use one password for all their accounts—whether for speed, or in an effort to avoid having to remember multiple passwords—are at risk of having all their accounts hacked if one of them is.

Canada Post is urging customers to immediately change the passwords to their accounts, and they are encouraging people to use numbers and special characters in order to create a stronger password.

According to a statement from Canada Post: “We will be reviewing our policies and procedures to determine how we can continue to improve the security of our online platforms.”

Anyone with concerns who wants to learn more can visit Canada Post’s website

Cover photo courtesy of Canada Post’s Instagram

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