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Bylaw officer assaulted in Brampton while enforcing physical distancing



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Bylaw officer assaulted in Brampton while enforcing physical distancing

Today (May 22), Mayor Patrick Brown sat down with inbrampton for an exclusive interview, where he discussed this week’s charges for non-compliance of physical distancing, which included the assault of a bylaw officer. 

Between May 12 and 18, a total of 55 physical distancing charges, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, were issued within the City of Brampton.

“We had one instance in the last week, where we had a bylaw officer that was assaulted simply trying to keep our community safe,” said Brown in a press conference earlier this week.

Today, Brown told inbrampton that the bylaw officer was assaulted while writing up a ticket. 

“We had one bylaw officer who was assaulted last week. I went up to meet up with him and expressed our appreciation on behalf of the city for the dedication of some of these bylaw officers.”

Brown stated that although the officer was a bit shaken up by the situation, he is safe.

“It was a case where he was writing up a ticket and the person tried to forcibly remove the bylaw officer from the car through the window,” said Brown.

“The police were called and then the person tried to assault the police officer, too.”

Brown says that along with a ticket for not following the advice from Public Health to practice physical distancing, the person will also face a criminal charge.

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