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Burlington looks to crack down on indiscriminate use of fireworks



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Burlington looks to crack down on indiscriminate use of fireworks

Burlington is set to crackdown on indiscriminate use of fireworks.

A bylaw approved at a City committee meeting this week that will now go before full council, will limit fireworks to Victoria Day and Canada Day.

Exceptions will be made to those who qualify for a permit and have someone who is certified in pyrotechnics to handle the display.

This means self-regulated use of fireworks for family, religious or cultural affairs will not be allowed.

A City prepared report indicates 46,000 people responded to a survey, with many complaining about the constant use of fireworks, especially during the warm weather months.

“As part of the review process, City staff considered a holistic approach to the impact of fireworks in the community,” the report reads. “Not only are fireworks considered a fire hazard, the loud noise created by fireworks can cause fear, stress and anxiety in people and animals (wildlife and family pets). It is also important to note that while fireworks are enjoyed for a few minutes by some as part of a celebration, there are many individuals in the community that find them a frightening ordeal. The noise from fireworks is loud, sudden and reminiscent of the sounds of war and/or attacks. It is not uncommon for veterans, civilians, immigrants, refugees and first responders to have a negative experience from the sound and/or display of fireworks.”

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward told the issue was considered because of concerns raised by the public and that Burlington may be the first City in Ontario to take a more controlled approach to the use of fireworks.

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