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Brand New Serene Yoga Studio Set to Open in Brampton



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Brand New Serene Yoga Studio Set to Open in Brampton

Whether or not you practice yoga regularly, you know that the meditative, aerobic, and strength-building workout is invigorating, and refreshing, and that serenity is crucial to the practice. 

MYO Serenity Yoga is opening its doors in Brampton at 44 Sky Harbour Drive in September (near Steeles Avenue and Mississauga Road).

The new studio boasts something for everyone. If you want to relax and feel good, strengthen your muscles, be more flexible, just sweat, or you have no idea because you’re a beginner, MYO Serenity Yoga might have something for you.

Though their schedule and pricing for yoga classes are not yet available online, the studio will offer classes of all levels. 

According to co-founders Madhavi Rao-Hamroll and Pam Pabla on their website, “Myo” means mystical or wonderful, however, it’s also used as an acronym in this case for “Make Your Own.” 

A safe and serene environment is promised at this studio, which is all about finding your inner self and your divine self. 

There is something quite unique about this yoga studio also in the theme of serenity – they offer Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese form of spiritual healing. It uses a non-invasive, non-physical “life force energy” that’s transferred from the practitioner to the patient. Reiki is said to be quite relaxing.

Reiki at MYO Serenity Yoga costs $65 for a one-hour session and $45 for a 30-minute session.

If you’re looking for a relaxing yoga experience and to try something new with Reiki, you’ll want to head over in September.

We’ll keep you posted with the details.

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