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Brand New Board Game Cafe Opening in Brampton


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Brand New Board Game Cafe Opening in Brampton

When one door closes, another one opens.

Board game fans in Brampton were recently saddened to learn that House of Cards, a board game cafe located in the city’s downtown core, had shuttered its doors for good.

Now, however, it looks like another board game cafe is about to set up shop in downtown Brampton.

If you’ve recently wandered down Main Street in the downtown area, you might have noticed a sign indicating that a new establishment by the name of Wildcard Board Game Cafe is coming soon.

While there’s no opening date given (and no website to be found, at least easily), it does look like Bramptonians will have another game hotspot to relax in shortly.

After House of Cards announced its closure on Facebook, several commenters expressed that they were saddened by the news. The cafe, which was open for about two years, charged a $5 admission fee for customers to come in and play board games. House of Cards also offered a menu complete with desserts and coffee, a huge collection of board games to play, and even board games for sale.

With board game cafes continually growing in popularity (the Toronto-based Snakes and Lattes still brings in crowds every weekend), we can only hope that Wildcard will stick around.

We’ll keep you updated on more new opening details as they emerge.

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