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Brampton’s Getting a Unique New Entertainment Complex



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Brampton’s Getting a Unique New Entertainment Complex

Music. Roller skating. Gaming. Karaoke.

Something new and exciting is coming to Brampton. 

Rollerplex Entertainment is a brand new roller skating and entertainment facility that recently announced that it’s opening right here in Brampton. While an official location is being kept mum, some fun details have been revealed!

First, roller skating and music are definite features of the new facility.

Then, karaoke has been promised.

And, you can expect some virtual reality street racing.

Family fun and a “thrilling experience” are also on the docket.

Rollerplex will open some time this year in Brampton. A countdown on the organization’s website lists just over 160 days left, which would mean Rollerplex is barelling towards a fall opening. 

We’ll keep you posted on the details!

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