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Brampton’s Getting a Brand New Piece of Public Art



Brampton’s Getting a Brand New Piece of Public Art

Brampton has a ton of public art installations, from the Urban Bouquet on George Street, to the Ghost Train in Mount Pleasant Village.

Whether you enjoy admiring all of the public art that exists in our city or you just like to stay up-to-date with the arts and culture scene, you’ll want to mark September 29 in your calendar.

Culture Days are happening in Brampton from September 28-30, and as part of the celebrations this year, the City is unveiling a brand new public art installation.

On September 29, Brampton will reveal a sculpture in the form of a metal bench at 11 a.m.

The sculpture is called “For the Love of a House” and it was commissioned last year in honour of the 150th anniversary of Alderlea.

As such, the sculpture will be located and unveiled on the grounds of the historic building in downtown Brampton.

It was created by Artist Tim desClouds, who will be attending the official unveiling.

You might be wondering about the history of Alderlea.

Alderlea is an elegant, historic venue that overlooks Gage Park. It was originally built for Kenneth Chisholm, businessman, political figure, and son-in-law of John Elliott, a founding father of Brampton, in 1867, so you know it’s got a historical charm.

The exterior is stunning for unique photos, and the interior is the same, with Italian style architecture. The interior reception area boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and opens onto landscaped gardens, and there’s an interior parlour that’s very classy, complete with high ceilings and a fireplace.

Just a note – if you’re planning to shoot at the Alderlea, you should contact them to book it.

Fun fact: Gage Park used to be Alderlea’s front lawn!

Some 268 events are happening in Brampton over the course of Culture Days.

You can learn more here.

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