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Brampton Transit Has Interesting Plans For 2019

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Brampton Transit Has Interesting Plans For 2019

If you frequently use transit throughout the city, here are some new changes that may interest you!

Brampton Transit has launched its 2019 Customer Charter, which outlines numerous changes and projects coming throughout the year, including increased service hours, reduced pass prices for seniors and new infrastructure.

The Charter is an annual list of commitments to enhance overall service quality and customer experience for transit users.

“Not only is Brampton Transit one of the fastest-growing transit systems in Canada, it’s vital in getting residents where they need to go, from work, to school and beyond,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “While we’re committed to maintaining efficient service, we’re also committed to making it even better. The Charter is a great resource for residents to see just how we’re improving transit in our city.”

The items in the Customer Charter detail the City’s priorities, and items approved in the City’s budget process. The Charter is updated annually as projects are completed and new plans are added.

Some highlights of the list include:

  • Adding 81,000 service hours to schedules.
  • The addition of 18 new buses to the fleet.
  • Introduction of a $15 monthly pass for seniors.
  • The installation of 40 new accessible bus stops, 15 new bus stops, and 25 new benches.

“The Brampton Transit team recognizes the importance of keeping customers updated on projects and initiatives throughout the year,” said Alex Milojevic, the General Manager of Brampton Transit. “The Charter strengthens Brampton Transit’s commitment to transparency and accountability by doing just that. We want to ensure transit users are informed and excited to continue using our services.”

A full list of Brampton Transit’s 2019 commitments is listed online here.

The city invites customers to check in on project statuses and timelines.

Brampton Transit states the main priority is customer service. The hope is for the charter to help build trust and strengthen relationships with transit users across the city.

For more information on Brampton Transit, you can visit:

Cover photo courtesy of Brampton Transit Facebook

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