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Brampton to make masks mandatory on city’s public transit system



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Brampton to make masks mandatory on city’s public transit system

At a June 3 conference, Mayor Patrick Brown discussed additional measures to help cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in the City of Brampton and announced that wearing non-medical masks on transit will soon be mandatory.

Today’s conference featured Mayor Patrick Brown, Councillor Michael Palleschi, Chief Nishan Duraiappah and Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health, Peel Region.

During the announcement, Brown further discussed the importance of physical distancing and discussed the mandatory measures for wearing non-medical masks on public transit that will soon be put in place in the City of Brampton. 

“You may not appreciate the severity of this virus, but you’re spreading it in our community, you are putting loved ones, parents and grandparents at risk and this reckless behaviour must stop,” stressed Brown.

According to Brown, because of this concern, the City of Brampton is taking additional measures to help protect the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many of you may have read that last week the City of Ottawa’s transit department made wearing masks mandatory on public transit and we are following that step,” said Brown.

“The health and safety of our passengers and staff members is our top priority.”

Brown stated that the City is working collaboratively with Public Health to do everything they can to keep transit riders safe.

“I understand our transit system is integral to the City. Brampton is the food processing capital of Canada,” he said.

“Public transit is critical for these essential frontline jobs.”

Last week, the City of Brampton issued a statement that wearing masks on public transit was now being recommended by both the Ontario government and the Region of Peel.

Today (June 1), Brown said, “We’re going one step further and giving notice today that we will be transitioning to making masks mandatory on all public transit in Brampton.”

This will be effective July 2, 2020.

Brown stated that this notice period is the time for people to get themselves equipped for this measure.

“It could be a scarf, it could be any form of covering, it could be a non-medical mask,” he said.

“This is about ensuring the safety of other passengers, it’s about ensuring the safety of our Brampton transit system.”

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