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Brampton takes big step towards building a green city



Brampton takes big step towards building a green city

Brampton City Council recently endorsed the Brampton Eco Park Strategy.

This will be a significant step towards building a Green City and implementing a Green Framework for Brampton.

An Eco Park is defined as an interconnected network of sustainable urban and natural and green spaces.

This Eco Park Strategy will characterize the formation of Brampton Eco Park and sets out the vision, goals and actions in order to guide its implementation.

It will also aim to provide unique social opportunities and build community partnerships and stewardship in order to support, protect and grow Brampton’s Eco Park.

One of the main focuses of this strategy is conserving, re-naturalizing and enhancing the natural landscapes within the city of Brampton.

The backbone of the Brampton Eco park will be formed by the majority of the city’s 2,500 hectares of Natural Heritage System (NHS).

The initial focus will be around identified hubs for the expansion and evolution of Brampton Eco Park, where appropriate locations such as parks, NHS, streetscapes and utility corridors will be adapted through the establishment of Eco Spaces.

Over a period of time, these efforts will result in a green parks network as well as natural reserve throughout Brampton.

Photo courtesy of the city of Brampton

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