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Brampton Shares Impactful War Veteran Experiences



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Brampton Shares Impactful War Veteran Experiences

The City has done something very interesting to pay tribute to war veterans!

You may or may not have noticed that the City of Brampton has hung banners along the downtown core on Main Street, including the one in our cover photo, courtesy of the City. 

According to the City “35 banners hang high on Main Street North and South in Downtown Brampton, as a tribute to Veterans who have a connection to Brampton.”

Those banners include leading aircraftman Lloyd Ewles, warrant officer William Wells, and Major John Wylie, CD.

Remembrance Day is coming up this Saturday, and the banners are a unique and certainly impactful way for Bramptonians to remember the sacrifices of veterans. 

The City of Brampton and the Royal Canadian Legion branches 15 and 609 have also gathered some of the stories of those who have served to protect the freedoms we have today, and compiled them into a video.

The video is both educational and touching, and the experiences veterans with a connection to Brampton have had are near unimaginable for someone who grew up in Brampton today.

Here it is:

If you enjoyed the video, you can catch four of the full interviews, each just over 10 minutes long, here. One is with Colonel Bill Adcock, the second with Captain Stewart Dalziel, the third with Sergeant Chris Banks, and the final with Colonel Edward Conover.

There are also several services and a parade on Saturday to recognize Remembrance Day should you choose to attend. If you can’t attend, be sure to take a walk down Main Street prior to Sunday.

Lest we forget.

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