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Brampton Ranks Among Canada’s Youngest Large Cities



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Brampton Ranks Among Canada’s Youngest Large Cities

Statistics Canada’s census release on Wednesday showed that Brampton continues to be one of the youngest large cities in Canada.

According to the census, Brampton has an average age of 36.5, compared to an average age of 39.7 for the GTA, 41.0 for the Province, and a nationwide average age of 41.0.

With all of the city’s plans to make Brampton future-ready, residents can hope the city’s investments and plans for development cater to Brampton’s young demographic trends.

“Our youth are a key strength in bringing vitality, energy and innovation to our city,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “It’s a driver for some of the City’s key initiatives, particularly around a university in Brampton, and also informs the City of Brampton’s overall planning vision.”

The census found that 1 in 3.6 Brampton residents are under the age of 19, and 42 percent of the population is under the age of 29.

Brampton is definitely set apart by its young population, and the new university is at least one plan in the works to support youth.

According to the city, Brampton is leveraging international best practices to help position the city as a North American leader in urban planning and design and build a connected, inclusive, innovative and bold city.

The census also included data on which types of dwellings Brampton residents inhabit, and on the gender balance in our community.

More information from the 2016 Census to be released will be on August 2, pertaining to families, households, marital status, as well as languages spoken in Brampton.

We will keep you updated when that information becomes available.

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