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Brampton MPPs calling for Province to cap class sizes at 15 students



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Brampton MPPs calling for Province to cap class sizes at 15 students

With the number of new COVID-19 cases continuing to rise every day, several Brampton schools have seen the number of confirmed cases rising.

As a result, three Brampton MPPs—Gurratan Singh, MPP for Brampton East; Sara Singh, MPP for Brampton Centre; and Kevin Yarde, MPP for Brampton North—are calling for the Province to implement a 15-student cap for Brampton classes.

“Parents in Brampton are watching anxiously as COVID-19 cases show up in more and more schools in our community,” Gurratan Singh said in a news release.

“They’re worried that if the virus doesn’t show up in their child’s school today, it could tomorrow,” he continued.

A motion to cap class sizes at 15 students was brought forward by Andrea Horwath, leader of the Official Opposition NDP.

However, the conservative government passed on the motion.

On September 24, the NDP MPPs held a press conference urging the conservative government to reconsider.

“Brampton families can’t afford to wait any longer for safer, smaller classes,” Yarde said in the same release.

“Our community has long been ignored by Liberals and Conservatives, and the government needs to fund a cap on class sizes now to help stamp out COVID-19 infections in our schools,” he continued.

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