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Brampton Man Charged in Violent Lottery Ticket Robberies



Brampton Man Charged in Violent Lottery Ticket Robberies

A Brampton man has been charged in two convenience store robberies in Toronto.

Toronto Police allege that on Friday June 29, the suspect was at a convenience store in the area of Annette Street and Windermere Avenue, where he was paying for a beverage and a lottery ticket.

“As the employee turned towards the cash register, the man grabbed the whole tray of lottery tickets and attempted to flee,” reads a recent statement from Toronto Police.

Police state that “the victim struggled with the man over the tray and the man managed to flee with some tickets.”

As for the second robbery, police allege that on Tuesday July 3, the same suspect was at another convenience store in the Weston Road and Lambton Avenue area.

In the same fashion, the suspect allegedly chose a beverage, handed some money to the cashier, and grabbed the tray of lottery tickets.

The statement reads that “the victim tried to prevent the tray from being taken and struggled with the man, who swung the tray at the victim several times before fleeing.”

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, Qasim Sikandari, 25, of Brampton, was arrested and charged with two counts of Robbery with Violence.

He’ll appear in court on Thursday September 20.

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