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Brampton launching citywide gardening program in response to pandemic



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Brampton launching citywide gardening program in response to pandemic

The City of Brampton has launched a new initiative intended to help residents stay active while at home, as well as improve food security.

Dubbed the Backyard Garden Program, the initiative is chaired by City Councillor Doug Whillans, and is the country’s first citywide initiative that supports residents to grow their own gardens in response to the pandemic.

“The City of Brampton is well known as the Flower City and during this challenging time City staff are committed to implementing a Backyard Garden Program to support residents remaining active while they stay at home, developing Brampton as a Green City which is a key Term of Council priority, and contributing to food security in Brampton,” Whillans said in a news release.

The initiative supports residents growing their own vegetables in their garden, which could help prevent person-to-person contact by allowing residents to make fewer trips to the store, as well as help social programs that are in need of donations, such as local food banks.

To get started, residents can request free supplies–such as soil and seeds–by email, and those looking for tips on growing their own produce can view some tutorial videos on the City’s website.

“Our Community Gardens program has been very successful, and although we may not be able to operate community gardens in the same way due to physical distancing measures in place, it is only fitting that we bring the program to residents directly,” Mayor Patrick Brown said in the same release.

This program encourages all residents to get into gardening, enjoy the outdoors while isolating, and give back to the community to our seniors and those in need,” Brown continued.

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