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Brampton issues 55 additional physical distancing fines amid COVID-19 outbreak



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Brampton issues 55 additional physical distancing fines amid COVID-19 outbreak

At a May 20 conference, Mayor Patrick Brown discussed additional measures to help cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and provided details on the latest physical distancing fines issued in the City of Brampton.

Today’s conference featured Mayor Patrick Brown, Councillors Martin Madeiros and Rowena Santos and Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health, Peel Region.

During the announcement, Brown further discussed the importance of physical distancing and provided details on the reasons behind the latest fines.

Between May 12 and 18, 55 physical distancing charges, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, were issued within the City of Brampton. 

“We had one instance in the last week, where we had a by-law officer that was assaulted simply trying to keep our community safe,” said Brown.

“In this case, the individual was charged and actually subsequently assaulted a police officer as well and there’s no tolerance for people like that who seem to show no regard to their fellow residents.”

Brown went on to state that in the past week, there were 163 complaints received for residential social gatherings which resulted in 19 charges, 17 of which were related to another parking lot gathering.

“Let me repeat, it’s not okay to have a party in your backyard. It is also not okay to have a party in a parking lot. Please use common sense,” said Brown.

Additionally, 18 charges were issued for nonessential businesses that were not permitted to operate under the provincial regulations.

Brown also stated that there have been three hair salons and two home businesses to date, that tried to operate.

“I know everyone wants a haircut,” said Brown.

“But the reality is, we have to listen to the advice of Public Health and right now that’s something that they’re not prepared to open.”

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