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Brampton Hip Hop Artist Drops Her First Single



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Brampton Hip Hop Artist Drops Her First Single

Fiery Brampton MC Haviah Mighty just released the first single off her Flower City EP (Due February 2017) entitled “For Free.” 

According to the video description, “For Free” follows a young women’s perspective as she journeys through the timeline of an evening and is approached and charmed by an unidentified individual.

The “Flower City” EP includes seven tracks and is described by Mighty as “an homage to Brampton.” The release date of the EP is February 2, 2017. The artwork, which was designed Jawn Taboika of 40oz Heroes, depicts a map of Brampton in the form of a flower.

The announcement of this EP and the release of “For Free” caps off a wonderful 2016 for Mighty, who made waves earlier this year with a memorable performance in the Team Backpack International Women’s Day Cypher.


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